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I have a lot of reservations from overseas!


Welcome to the luxury nail's site!

Thank you for visiting !

When having come to Japan,I'm waiting for your reservation.

Please enjoy Japanese nail art by luxury nail atelier for the memory of the Japanese travel.

I'm looking forward to being able to meet everyone of a lot of countries.

당신의 일본여행 추억을 꼭 나의 네일아트와 함께!

일본에 오시면 꼭 럭셔리 네일의 네일아트를 즐겨주세요



You can make a reservation by one of way.

“ Using Line app or E-mail or Instagram DM”

①Use Instagram DM...

​Please send a message  from DM of Instagram. 

②Use Line app...

After download, please do my shop account retrieval of a Line app.​luxury nail atelier’s Line account : @hol2021x

Please read this QR Code.

Get Line app.

③Use E-mail...


​Please send to this address./

“ Please write the your name and the request day and time and Hand or Foot on a message and send.”

The reserved time is 3 pattern. Please choose request time from 3 pattern.

[ 10am or 13pm or 15:30pm ] ​

​I return and answer with in 24 hours!



The place where you can meet an enjoyed thing".
Somewhere you can visit casually unexpectedly anytime from various countries pleasantly. Such, after nail salon duties for several years, I made them start from a small atelier salon “luxury nail” by one room in the antique apartment aiming at place making which can be enjoyed.

The design is a peculiar worldview and all made drawing by hand art is the original design at the center. The shade of the foreign wall seen at a point to which Art and others who received inspiration traveled from something various, cover of the old Western magazine and postcard. Colorful pottery, miscellaneous goods, antique cloth and clothes. I write it messily and am made with the hit idea notebook.

They're elegant, even a conservative isn't also stylish. The new genre of the nail art which becomes some habits is being sent from an easy sari nail.

When there is art of luxury nail even if I don't speak the same language in the country I traveled, it can be a friend immediately! luxury nail, such Happy, I'd like to be a place.
And I'd like to be the snug place where everybody can enjoy a season, fashion and casual daily life by a nice smiling face taking the nail as a start.


OPEN 10:00

CLOSE 20:00

[​last order 18:00]





1-2-8,2F 207 Minamitsukaguchi Amagasakicity Hyogo Japan

The nearest station

“Hankyu Tsukaguchi station”

3minutes on foot

From the Osaka area,Hankyu Train Kobe line From the Umeda station, about 10 minutes.

From the Kobe area,Hankyu Train Kobe line From the Kobe sannomiya station,about 20minutes.

The way to the atelier is from this page.

A credit card can be used.

​[ VISA / Americanexpress / master ]

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